Preparing for Tropical Storm Idalia's Potential Impact in South Carolina

August 30, 2023

As you are probably aware Tropical Storm Idalia has formed in the Gulf of Mexico.  While the most immediate threat is to the Northwestern coast of Florida, current projections indicate that Idalia will become a major hurricane as it approaches the Florida coast. It will then lose intensity as it moves inland into Northern Florida and works its way up the coast of Georgia and South Carolina as a Tropical Storm.  While these are the current projections from the National Hurricane Center these projections could change as Idalia moves closer to landfall.

Currently, the National Hurricane Center estimates that we have a near 50% chance of experiencing tropical storm force winds (39 to 73 MPH), possibly beginning Wednesday morning.  Tropical storm-force winds can bring down branches and trees and may cause some power outages.  Please be prepared for this by bringing in loose items in your yard and tying down other items that might blow around.  If you have a generator now is a good time to test it and make sure you have gas.  Gas up your car, have some nonperishable food on hand and make sure you have any medications you may need.

Significant rainfall is also a concern.  Current National Hurricane Center predictions call for more than 4 inches of rain, possibly up to 10 inches (we are right on the border of the area predicted to receive 4 – 6 inches and the area to receive 6 – 10 inches), which is a very wide range. This projection will likely change as the storm gets closer.  Persons in low-lying areas should take note.  Remember, never drive through standing water!

The major impacts are anticipated in Florida, not here.  All the above actions are precautionary in nature. Unfortunately, with hurricanes, predictions are not precise and there always comes a time when the wind increases and preparations must stop.  Therefore, we end up preparing many times that proves unnecessary to guard against the one time that the preparations are needed.  Today and tomorrow are the time for preparation!

Please keep yourself updated with current information regarding the storm.  The Weather Channel and local TV news are good sources for such information (Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski with WPDE partnered with Coastal Carolina University and us to provide a hurricane Seminar in May).  More information regarding hurricane preparation can be found at .