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Do you have any idea how many high school students are homeless in South Carolina? 18,000!

Do you know how many high school students are homeless in South Carolina?  18,000.  Yes, 18,000 high school students are living without a permanent roof over their head.  I was completely naïve and blown away by this fact.  After speaking with some representatives from our local high schools, we have found the need and genuine struggle to be real.

This year we are asking you as our “extended family” and community members to please help us alleviate some of the needs and desires of these struggling children in our area.  We here at Perry Insurance Group are set up for the next couple of weeks as a collection site for the high schools.  We ask that you please read over the list below of needed items.  If there is anything or any way you can help, please let us know.  If you have a donation and are unable to bring it by our office, we can send someone to pick up from you.  (You will notice bicycles are on the list.)

We thank you in advance and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


Toothbrushes (Individual tear off multi-packs are great)
Toothbrush head covers (Look in travel toiletry sections for multi packs that work great when we need to distribute unpackaged toothbrushes)
Deodorant (especially neutral gender brands, i.e. Arm and Hammer)

FOOD PANTRY:  (No mega sizes, as students carry items in their backpacks on bus or walk. Prefer pop top cans)
Spaghetti Sauce – cans or bottles – 15-24 oz. sizes
Grape Jelly
Peanut Butter
Canned Fruit
Vienna Sausages – small pop top cans
Cereal – 18 oz. sizes or below (Frosted flakes or Fruit Loops are especially appreciated)

Fruit – snack sizes with pop tops
*Snack Puddings

BEVERAGES: Individual Bottles

CLOTHING:  New Items Only (Items should be teen styles – NO short shorts, leggings or yoga pants as they are not appropriate for school. Tank tops for boys and girls must have at least 2”of material at top – no spaghetti straps or off the shoulder straps)

Guys athletic pants – all sizes
*Guys winter jackets – size small
*Guys hoodies – sizes S, XL, & XXL

SHOESNew Only-athletic/tennis styles (new or gently used black dress or casual shoes can be donated for graduation needs.  No sandals or flip flops unless specifically requested)

*Girls Tennis/Athletic Shoes – size 10 ½
Guys Athletic Shoes – Sizes 11, 11 ½

Bicycles – used okay if in good working condition
Walmart Gift Cards – $10.00 and up

ANY questions – please contact Shannon Wall at 843-663-4400

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